17 Killer Public Health Jobs in Government

The government is a major provider of jobs in the field of Public Health. Here are a few of those jobs:

  1. Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist - The Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist monitors all clinical trials at an organization. They make sure the trials are safe by making sure all rules and regulations are being followed. Depending on the organization you work for, salary levels can range between $40,000 and $81,000 a year. Jobs with the Federal government pay more, while jobs with universities tend to pay less.
  1. Nurse Specialist (dual degree only) - A nurse specialist can work for a government program as a consultant or they can work at a government-run hospital, like a Veterans Affairs hospital. This type of job, of course, also requires a nursing degree, but a Masters in Public Health degree is also very beneficial to these positions. The average annual salary varies depending on the position, place of employ and amount of experience in the field.
  1. Program Analyst - A program analyst oversees government programs concerning public health issues. They either look at the program that is already in place and fix any issues related to it, or they formulate a new plan for another public health issue. The rate of pay for these positions varies based upon experience in program planning and the agency you are employed by.
  1. Epidemiologist - Epidemiology is the field that studies health-related events and their causes in society. Epidemiologists work for many different government agencies researching public health issues. The annual salary is dependent on the position, place of employment and experience.
  1. Public Health Educator - An educator in public health has direct contact with the public. They develop programs and information sessions to educate the public on health issues and illnesses and ways to prevent and control them. They work for schools, health departments and other government entities. The salary is heavily dependent on the area of employment and who you are employed by.
  1. Public Health Inspector - The Public Health Inspector inspects establishments to ensure their compliance with all health and safety laws and codes. A Public Health Inspector usually reports to a Public Health Sanitarian. Public Health Inspectors mostly work for government agencies, but they can also be hired by private companies and clinics as well. The average annual salary for a Public Health Inspector runs between $32,000 and $50,000.
  1. Medical Investigator - A medical investigator investigates medical claims as well as medical issues related to a particular event. Medical investigators can work for many different government agencies as well as hospitals and private firms. The annual salary varies based upon place of employment.
  1. Research Scientist - A research scientist researches issues dealing with Public Health. They put together the information to present to their superiors for giving out to the public concerning illnesses and diseases. The average salary depends on who you work for and your level of experience.
  1. Public Health Sanitarian - The Public Health Sanitarian inspects for environmental health violations and prepares reports on such inspections. Public Health Sanitarians are also responsible for creating the plans to improve public health safety and codes. Public Health Sanitarians work for government agencies. The annual salary for Public Health Sanitarians ranges anywhere from $37,000 to $78,000 depending on your level of expertise.
  1. Legislative Policy Advisor - Legislative Policy Advisors are more political in nature than other policy advisors. These policy advisors generally work closely with lobbyists and regulatory agencies. Depending on who the Legislative Policy Advisor works for, the annual salary range averages to between $54,000 and $114,000.
  1. Management Policy Advisor - The Management Policy Advisor handles the financial aspects of public health policy. People seeking to become Management Policy Advisors can expect to find work in government regulatory agencies, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. The annual salary for Management Policy Advisors is dependent on the place of employment.
  1. Health Policy Specialist - Health Policy Specialists handle the task of pinpointing problems in public health and coming up with the solutions to those problems. Health Policy Specialists work for government organizations, hospitals and even non-profit organizations. The annual salary for Health Policy Specialists range between $59,000 and $125,000 and is dependent on the place of employment.
  1. Environmental Radiation Specialist - Environmental Radiation Specialists assess and analyze doses of radiation in eliminating radioactive materials. They also help in policy by reviewing regulations and making sure they conform to the law on all levels of the government. Environmental radiation specialists mainly work for the government sector because of the nature of their jobs. Salary for an Environmental Radiation Specialist is, on average, $62,000 annually.
  1. Communicable Disease Prevention Specialist - The Communicable Disease Prevention Specialist probes into the causes of communicable diseases. They also study the effects that communicable diseases have on society and how to prevent the communicable diseases from happening. Communicable Disease Prevention Specialists find work in government regulatory agencies. Salary for Communicable Disease Prevention Specialists varies depending on the employer and experience.
  1. Health Services Project Administrator - The Health Services Project Administrator reports to a project manager or director, but oversees a health services project from start to finish. This job is very time-sensitive, so it is not for those who don't work well with deadlines. Health Services Project Administrators find jobs in hospitals and government agencies, among other places. The annual salary differs depending on your location, place of employment and experience.
  1. Outreach Worker - The Outreach Worker is the one who goes out into the community to inspire and educate the people on public health. Public Health needs community outreach workers to further the public health causes. Good communication is key to this position. Outreach Workers generally work in government agencies, hospitals and clinics. Salary is dependent on the location and place of employment.
  1. Public Health Nutritionist - Those who work in the field of Nutrition are responsible for identifying problem areas in a person's diet and helping them formulate a plan to correct those problem areas. Nutritionists usually work for a hospital system, but also work for government programs like a Health Department. Salary for Nutritionists averages to the $31,500 - $70,875 range and is dependent on the employer.