17 Killer Public Health Jobs in Private Sector

Private companies and hospitals are major providers of jobs in the field of Public Health. Here are a few of those jobs:

  • Public Health Educator - An educator in public health has direct contact with the public. They develop programs and information sessions to educate the public on health issues and illnesses and ways to prevent and control them. They work for schools, health departments and other government entities. The salary is heavily dependent on the area of employment and who you are employed by.
    • Hospital Administrator - A hospital administrator oversees the behind the scenes aspects of a hospital. They handle financial duties as well as patient care and concerns. The average annual salary for this position varies depending on place of employment and level of experience.
      • Health Services Project Administrator - The Health Services Project Administrator reports to a project manager or director, but oversees a health services project from start to finish. This job is very time-sensitive, so it is not for those who don't work well with deadlines. Health Services Project Administrators find jobs in hospitals and government agencies, among other places. The annual salary differs depending on your location, place of employment and experience.
        • Healthcare Consultant - A healthcare consultant is mainly a job dealing with the public. You provide consulting services either to a person or provide it in court testimony. Healthcare consultants can either work for a consulting firm or independently. Rate of pay for this type of position varies.
          • Epidemiologist - Epidemiology is the field that studies health-related events and their causes in society. Epidemiologists work for many different government agencies researching public health issues. The annual salary is dependent on the position, place of employment and experience.
            • Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist - The Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist monitors all clinical trials at an organization. They make sure the trials are safe by making sure all rules and regulations are being followed. Depending on the organization you work for, salary levels can range between $40,000 and $81,000 a year. Jobs with the Federal government pay more, while jobs with universities tend to pay less.
              • Principal Research Associate - The Principal Research Associate, also known as a Senior Research Associate, is the head of the research department of an organization. They delegate assignments, oversee the research of the other researchers and, overall, manage the research department. Principal Research Associates work at various organizations within the public and private sector. Previous research experience is a requirement for this job since it is a supervisory position. The salary level for the Principal Research Associate varies depending on the organization, but on average is between $68,000 and $100,000.
                • Hazardous Waste Technician - The Hazardous Waste Technician focuses is on hazardous waste and its effects on environmental health. They monitor pollution sources and levels and study the effects on public health. Hazardous Waste Technicians work in government positions as well as for private companies. The average annual pay for a Hazardous Waste Technician is $44,000. Of course, the pay differs from employer to employer and also with experience.
                  • Academic Policy Advisor - The Academic Policy Advisor is responsible for creating sound policy. Nothing can happen until policies are made. This is an important position. As it is an academic position, it is one of mainly research. They have to be able to look at public health issues and find the key problems that need to be solved. They then need to be able to find solutions to fix those public health problems and make it into sound policy. Academic Policy Advisors usually find work in academic institutions. The salary varies depending on the place of employment.
                    • Occupational Health and Safety Specialists - Occupational Health and Safety Specialists look at work environments and make sure that they are safe for public health and also come up with procedures to eliminate, control and/or prevent disease and injury that may be caused by chemicals and other biological or ergonomic factors. Occupational Health and Safety Specialists are employed in both the public and private sector. Annual salary does depend on the place of employment, but averages between $38,000 and $94,000.
                      • Public Health Administrators - Public Health Administrators oversee the Public Health board and/or a Public Health Department. It is the responsibility of Public Health Administrators to get information regarding public health to the general public and make sure they get it in a manner that is easy for them to understand. Public Health Administrators work in both the public and private sectors. The annual salary for Public Health Administrators averages between $44,000 and $74,000 and is dependent on the employer you work for as well as experience.
                        • Nutritionist - Those who work in the field of Nutrition are responsible for identifying problem areas in a person's diet and helping them formulate a plan to correct those problem areas. Nutritionists usually work for a hospital system, but may also work in a company as the sole company-wide nutritionist. Salary for Nutritionists averages to the $31,500 - $70,875 range and is dependent on the employer.
                          • Worksite Wellness Program Coordinator - The Worksite Wellness Program Coordinator comes up with a plan to make worksites and all of their policies and procedures promote public health. It is not necessary to have a MPH degree to be a Worksite Wellness Program Coordinator, but having the degree cannot hurt as the coordinator needs to have knowledge of public health issues and needs to have managerial experience. MPH graduates looking to find a job as a Worksite Wellness Program Coordinator will find jobs in companies like a construction company or a factory. Salary does depend on the place of employ and level of experience.
                            • Clinical Data Manager - Clinical Data Managers oversee the data in a healthcare research program. This includes, but is not limited to: design, collection, processing, storage and retrieval. Of course, you will need to have a degree in a Computer Science-related field for your undergraduate and experience working with data collection and analysis to go along with your MPH degree. The salary for Clinical Data Managers averages to be around $96,000, but can vary between $80,000 and $115,000 based upon the organization you work for. Many Clinical Data Managers work for the private sector, but if you can get a Federal government job, it will likely pay on the higher end of the pay scale.
                              • Virologist - The Virologist researches the characteristics of all microscopic organisms. Virologists also study the connection between microscopic organisms and diseases, as well as how medical treatments affect them. Virologists find employment with hospitals, research laboratories, universities and even regulatory agencies. The Virologist position does fall within the Microbiologist job category so it is necessary to have an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences as well as experience working in microbiology in addition to your MPH degree. The salary for the Virologist position varies depending on the place of employment and also on your education and previous experience.
                                • Management Policy Advisor - The Management Policy Advisor handles the financial aspects of public health policy. Management Policy Advisors work in both the public and private sectors. While just having a Masters in Public Health degree is all that is required to get a job as a Management Policy Advisor, most would find a dual degree with a Masters of Business Administration would come in handy for their career. People seeking to become Management Policy Advisors can expect to find work in government regulatory agencies, hospitals, and non-profit organizations. The annual salary for Management Policy Advisors is dependent on the place of employment.
                                  • Environmental Specialist - The environmental specialist makes sure that a company or organization is compliant with all environmental and health regulations. They also help plan and implement emergency response plans in case of an environmental hazard or outbreak. Environmental specialists work for both the public and private sectors. The average salary an Environmental Specialist can plan to make is between $28,000 and $63,000. The pay will likely be higher for a government agency versus a private agency.