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What is a Mobile App Developer?

Due to an increase in demand and an influx in industry profits, many software development professionals are rushing to learn how to create mobile apps. Learn what it can take to succeed in this industry as well as what might be required to start your career... .

What is the Difference Between a Terminal Degree and a Master's Degree?

The terms "master's degree" and "terminal degree" are confused frequently due to the fact that they can sometimes have the same meaning. However, this isn't always the case. Find out how master's degrees and terminal degrees are different and how they are the same... .

Education Creep

Master's degrees are starting to show up as necessary qualifications for jobs that used to only ask for bachelor's degrees. Is it really true that the higher-paying jobs are all requiring master's degrees? Should you get one, just to keep up?.. .

Personality tests: Hocus-pocus or the real deal?

Personality tests are all the rage, but can they truly help you find the job of your dreams? You might be surprised at how accurate some personality tests can be... .

Pursuing a Master's Degree

Some recent college graduates may find that a master's degree is increasingly required by some employers... .

Bridging the gap, how APRNs are blurring the line between doctors and nurses

Advanced practice registered nurses could be mistaken for actual doctors, what with the prescribing medication, performing physical examinations, ordering tests, and the general management of patient care they perform. Some can even run their own practices. Find out how ARPNs are changing the nursing landscape... .

Obscure Careers: Genetic Counselor

Genetic counselors help patients, families and loved ones cope with hindering genetic dispositions. From hereditary abnormalities to manifestations in a single individual, genetic counselors provide the knowledge of a doctor with the care of a counselor so that everyone can live happy healthy lives... .

Internship Opportunities for Public Health Students and Grads

Choosing a career in public health from the various career paths that are offered can be difficult. Here is a list of internships to consider to gain work experience and help you discover your personal path in public health... .

5 Career Opportunities for MPH Grads in Health Policy

Graduates from Masters in Public Health programs have many different career specialty fields to choose from. One of those fields is that of Health Policy. People who work in the Health Policy field have direct impact on regulations made on issues of Public Health. Those who choose to work in.. .

5 Ways to Finance Your Masters in Public Health Degree

- Easier Than You Think   When you are deciding to pursue your Masters in Public Health degree, one of the biggest worries is how you are going to pay for it. Financial aid is more limited for graduate students than it is for undergraduates, but that does not mean you.. .

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