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Masters in Epidemiology

Kaplan College Online Recommended Online Programs Master's Master of Public Health Epidemiology An epidemiologist is a public health professional that analyzes infectious diseases, why they occur and how they can be contained. If you are seeking a graduate-level education on the topic, you will take courses.. .

Masters in Energy and Resources

The purpose of earning your Masters in Energy and Resources is to learn about the interaction of humans the environment. The requirements for completing the degree include a firm knowledge of theoretical, practical and analytical approaches to today’s issues with energy consumption, natural resources and the environment. The programs you.. .

Masters in Endocrinology

A student who completes their Masters in Endocrinology can become a medical professional that studies the endocrine system in order to diagnose and treat hormone imbalances and other situations that affect the glands within the endocrine system. You have the option of specializing in specific diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism or.. .

Masters in Human Resources

Those that pursue a Master's in Human Resources take classes surrounding how to manage human capital in organizations as well as providing services to smaller groups and individuals. They take classes surrounding human resource dynamics, labor relations, civil rights, human relations law, motivation, work systems, career management, employee testing, recruitment,.. .

Masters in Evaluation, Research, and Measurement

While working towards a Masters in Evaluation, Research, and Measurement, students study a variety of topics including research methods, data analysis, survey construction, inferential statistics, and program evaluation. Through two years of study, students go through a basic core of class work and work towards completing a final Masters thesis... .

Masters in Earth and Planetary Science

Earth and planetary scientists use aspects of the planets and astronomy in general to study the universe. Calculating the composition of planets and stars, measuring emissions from objects in outer space and collecting data from satellites, observatories and telescopes are all things you will be qualified to do once you.. .

Masters in Divinity

Studies within the field of divinity are sought by students seeking to be religious leaders. Most graduate programs allow you to study in association with a particular faith, including Judaism or Methodist Christian. A study of diverse subjects is required of those seeking a Masters in Divinity degree. From linguistics.. .

Masters in Demography

Demographers study the content, distribution and trends of varying populations. They also observe cause and effect, increases in birth rates and immigration. The lowest minimum requirement for the majority of demographic work is a master's degree. Those who wish to advance their education to the graduate level will have earned.. .

Masters in Chemistry

Those studying for a Masters in Chemistry can expect to take courses in analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry. Depending upon their specialization, some students may work on areas such as environmental chemistry, biochemistry, and other special areas. Most students complete their degree within two years. Some programs offer one.. .

Masters in Biostatistics

While working towards their Masters in Biostatistics, students often worked in areas such as quantitative analysis as well as biology. While studying many students participate in research around environmental studies, clinical trials, and genetic studies. This gives them many opportunities to get real world experience doing what they are studying... .

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