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17 Killer Public Health Jobs in Private Sector

Private companies and hospitals are major providers of jobs in the field of Public Health. Here are a few of those jobs: Public Health Educator - An educator in public health has direct contact with the public. They develop programs and information sessions to educate the public on health issues.. .

25 Awesome Jobs to Have with a Graduate Public Health Degree

There are many cool jobs found in the Public Health arena, but here are 25 of most awesome jobs to have: Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist - The Clinical Trials Monitoring Specialist monitors all clinical trials at an organization. They make sure the trials are safe by making sure all rules.. .

5 Career Opportunities for MPH Grads in Environmental Health

Graduates from a Masters in Public Health program have many choices when it comes to a specialty field to enter. One of those choices is Environmental Health. Environmental health deals with problems and conditions relating to environmental conditions that affect the health of the people population. Most employed in Environmental.. .

What is the Typical Cost of a Masters in Public Health Degree?

One of the most important things to consider when looking for a Masters in Public Health degree is the cost. You want to make sure that, not only are you getting a high quality education, but also that you are getting that education for a decent price. Of course, when.. .

What Leadership Opportunities are Available with a MPH Degree?

Getting a Masters in Public Health degree all but guarantees you a leadership position in Public Health. There are many different leadership positions available to you that span the different specialties in Public Health. Let's look at a few of them: Principal Research Associate - The Principal Research Associate, also.. .

What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is a psychological field that is focused on treating emotional and mental conditions, using a scientific approach. Clinical psychologists also have more research experience than other types of psychologists do. Some of the places where clinical psychologists work include: private practices, mental health clinics, hospitals, military hospitals and.. .

15 Most Lucrative Career Paths in Clinical Psychology

A career in clinical psychology offers more diversity than a lot of fields of medicine. It can also be very lucrative. Clinical psychology masters can work in medical facilities, or in group or private practices. A lot of clinical psychologists work with patients that suffer from emotional or mental issues... .

15 Reasons Why Clinical Psychology May Be For You

Clinical psychology is a good discipline for many to consider. There are many Clinical Psychology Masters online programs, as well as campus programs. The following are some reasons to consider this field: You Can Learn More About the Human Mind - The human mind is a fascinating field of study.. .

50 Great Blogs on Psychology

Students who pursue a masters in clinical psychology will be pleased to know that many great blogs about psychology are available. One of the best things about the blogs available is that many of them are focused on specific areas of psychology. Clinical Psychology 1. MindHacks - This blog is run by.. .

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