Best EMBA Degree Programs Online

Those who have already been awarded experience in the business world may wish to continue their studies at a later date. At this point, if the subject material covered in a regular MBA program contains review materials, another solution would be to go back to school for an Executive Masters of Business. These are the most highly ranked business schools by the US News and World Report, which is one of the best guides available to prospective students.

  1. University of Pennsylvania is home to the Wharton School of Business, one of the nation's top business schools. The EMBA program lasts for 24 months, with a mix of case studies, group work, business simulations, and lectures. This is supplemented with a series of Executive speakers and other guest speakers in the classroom.
  2. Northwestern University offers an Executive MBA program that is designed for senior executive, with a heavy emphasis on leadership and global exchange. There are three different MBA schedules offered to meet the varied schedules that world business leaders tend to have. The program contains a group study component, and combines this with individual research and a tightly focused curriculum.
  3. University of Chicago breaks up participants into study groups to collaborate on real world issues and simulated financial problems, to give the diverse group of participants further experience that they can take back into the corporate world. During the two year EMBA program, there are four international sessions each lasting one week, meeting in Singapore and London as well as the home base of Chicago.
  4. Duke University has a program format that includes residential studies across the globe, with distance learning options available for MBA candidates. There is the possibility of a special concentration in Health Sector Management, which is a growing field at the moment. Candidates for this degree are drawn from a wide range of backgrounds and professional experience levels for a diverse and enriching experience.
  5. Columbia University possesses a number of individual aspects to their EMBA curriculum that places this program firmly in the top ten each year. With focuses ranging from Social Intelligence to the Individual, Business, and Society, there are various options to match students' skill sets and background knowledge in management.
  6. New York University features a Global Study aspect to their curriculum, offered through the Stern School of Business. This helps students branch out and experience global challenges firsthand, to help enrich and broaden their own managerial and financial crisis solving skills. Stern offers two separate fields of specialty, in either Leadership or Finance. There are also courses that cover banking, corporate finance, global business, marketing, and other subjects that are likely to come up in real life.
  7. University of California Berkeley works in partnership with Columbia University in New York City to provide dual facilities for their highly regarded EMBA program that brings in the challenges of both Silicon Valley and Wall Street. This bicoastal approach allows students to explore the vast differences behind leadership techniques on both ends of the spectrum and sharpen leadership skills in a more diverse environment.
  8. University of Michigan Ann Arbor offers an EMBA program that places an emphasis on leadership development. This is supported with monthly seminars that are given by some of the top executives in the world. There is also an emphasis on the global market, and to help support this and provide a full learning experience for the participants in the program, over one third of each class is international.
  9. University of California Los Angeles chooses students that are thought to have potential to help teach one another. They are chosen for their managerial work experience, and what professional experience that they are able to bring to the table. This helps make each year different, depending on the strengths of the participants of the program.
  10. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill offers two options available for students that are interested in the completion of an EMBA at UNC Chapel Hill, including a Weekend and Evening program, to fit into executives' busy schedules, and Global Program. This is meant to prepare students for global management responsibilities, and requires a minimum of seven years of work experience. The minimum requirement for the part time EMBA program is five years of work experience. This work experience is meant to enrich classroom discussions.

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