Integrated Masters in Accounting (IMAcc)

An Integrated Masters in Accounting (IMAcc) degree is obtained in the fifth year of an integrated program. The purpose is to help each student meet the educational requirements required for licensure as a Certified Public Accountant. For students who have an accounting major, they are admitted to the IMAcc program in the spring of their junior year. The graduate year of these students is designed to build upon an internship opportunity through a thorough study of current accounting topics. Such topics include accounting theory, auditing, information systems, policy, decision making, and taxation. Students are also given flexibility in the final year of their studies to combine their accounting skills with specific business disciplines.

When earning your accounting degree, it is wise to see what options are available in an online setting. The ability to work on coursework at the student’s own pace around their busy schedule is an excellent one that more and more academically-minded individuals are seeking today. It is even more suitable to research traditional universities that offer online Accounting PhD classes because additional credibility is added to the degree the student earns when it comes from a renowned educational facility.

Upon graduation, careers as professional accountants are available at several organizations including financial institutions, government establishments, nonprofit organizations and more. The Accounting Integrated Master’s Programs degree allows for students to earn a degree in taxation and prepares students for a career in tax. Only students in this program are eligible for such a degree. With an in-depth study of tax law in various areas, students cover business tax, individual and estate tax planning, tax administration and other tax-related topics. Many of these tax courses are cross-listed with law school, giving graduates even more flexibility once they leave school.