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Engineering Masters Degree Jobs & Careers

Top Ten Engineering Masters Degree Jobs The field of engineering keeps expanding as industrial methods change, technology moves to the forefront and training becomes more specialized. The acceleration of knowledge development in every scientific and technological academic field means that the workplace for engineers of every type grows more complex. Today...

10 Masters in Homeland Security Jobs & Careers

Masters in Homeland Security Jobs It's a good bet that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will be hiring for the foreseeable future due to the enormous bureaucratic structure that has been put in place and the accelerated activities in many of its departments including the FBI, the Immigration & Customs...

Masters in Accounting Jobs & Careers

Top Ten Masters in Accounting Jobs The purpose for many Masters in Accounting degrees is completion of the requirements and the exam for Certified Public Accountant. That's an important step for some public accountants who want to work within a corporate structure; less important for public accountants working in small accounting...

Masters in Psychology Jobs & Careers

Masters in Psychology Jobs This degree can take you a lot of places. Two of the business areas that often take in psychology graduates are advertising and human resources departments. Ad agencies are loaded with graphics experts and clever wordsmiths, but they often find value in bringing on an employee who...

Masters in Public Health Jobs & Careers

The career opportunities for a MPH graduate can be dictated to some degree by the field of specialization selected for completion of the academic program. These options may include epidemiology, public health policy, health education, emergency management, and other focused fields of endeavor. But the Master of Public Health is...

Masters in Counseling Jobs & Careers

Masters in Counseling Jobs This is one field where the career track and salary range is generally defined by the academic specialization. A few counseling professionals have their own practices, but many more are likely to be in salaried positions working for an agency or a services firm. The roles for...

Masters in Computer Science Jobs & Careers

Masters in Computer Science Jobs Today you can select one of several academic tracks in computer science that can in turn lead you to dozens of career options. Every business of any size has a technology professional on board; those that don't employ a computer services consulting firm for purposes of...

Masters in Health Care Administration Jobs & Careers

Master of Health Care Administration Jobs In many cases MHA programs offer students an opportunity to specialize in a particular field of healthcare management, or at least to shape their curriculum somewhat with electives. Master of Healthcare Administration graduates are also often working healthcare professionals who have established a career track...

Masters in Management Jobs & Careers

Masters in Management Jobs The Masters in Management or Master of Science in Management (MsM) is usually made available today with a variety of areas of concentration, or "majors" attached to the program. Depending on the university, students may obtain a Masters in Management in a range of professional fields...

20 Best Future Careers for Graduate Students

20 Best Future Careers for Graduate Students According to the experts the jobs listed below are among the fastest growing and/or most lucrative opportunities on the radar screen over the next several years. We've done some skimming here, assembling a list of careers that either require a graduate degree or for...

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