Master's Requirements

In most cases the pursuit of graduate education has to begin with the possession of a bachelor's degree. Accredited universities are generally obligated to require the undergraduate basics before enrolling you in a master's degree program, whether it is online or on campus. But for every rule there's an exception; some specialty schools accept trained professionals who don't hold a bachelor's degree. There are also many master's degree programs that accept a bachelor's degree in any discipline, provided you've got the necessary training to manage master's level academics.

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Master's Requirements Articles

Masters in Engineering Management Requirements Many of the Masters in Engineering Management programs are offered as professional advancement degrees, designed for professionals who are working in an engineering field and want to obtain additional management training as well as updates on the technology changes associated with the various fields of engineering....

Master of Civil Engineering Requirements Many universities offer two types of graduate degrees in civil engineering. At Michigan Tech for instance, the Master of Engineering - Civil Engineering is meant to be a terminal degree for advanced level civil engineers who wish to pursue careers in consulting, government work or in...

Masters in Software Engineering Requirements & Prerequisites There are several general suggestions for students going into a master in software engineering program. Some of the tougher universities require a bachelor's degree in engineering, natural science, computer science or a related field. The one factor that all of those majors have in...

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