Masters in Civil Engineering

Masters in Civil Engineering

Civil engineers are the ones that design public structural systems like bridges, tunnels, dams and roadways. A deeper understanding of the field is obtained when you go beyond your bachelor's degree to earn a master's in this field of study. Areas of study will include natural freshwater resources, environmental engineering, transport systems, construction management, and transportation systems. Specific topics include traffic flow theory, public works planning, the strength of materials and project financing. Sample names of classes you can expect to take are structural analysis, concrete structures, earthquake engineering, and water resources.

There are a number of Masters in Civil Engineering degree programs available 100% online. This added convenience when earning a higher degree of education is greatly appreciated by many students today. Most people expanding their education by obtaining a master's degree already have at least part-time work with their undergraduate degree. This means you have a very busy schedule and may be unable to fit a traditional school schedule of classes into your daily life. However, when you are an online student, you determine your hours and complete the coursework at your own pace at times that are convenient for you.

Based on a report made by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, civil engineers earned a median salary of $78,000 per year in 2008. The expected rate of increase for careers within this field is expected to be around 24% between 2008 and 2018, which is above the national average. Specific sectors graduates could become involved in once they complete Civil Engineering Master's Programs include government, education, industry and consulting. These positions are open for both already-practicing civil engineers and those who are new to the field once they have obtained their master's degree.

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