Masters in Dramatic Arts

Masters in Dramatic Arts

The dramatic arts major is a category of study that allows students to focus their studies on theatrical productions and techniques as well as a study of dramatic literature. Specific classes you can expect to take include acting, directing, improvisation, the history of theater, theater practicum, dramatic and theatrical criticism, stage management, and play writing. To be accepted into the Masters in Dramatic Arts program, you will need to have your undergraduate degree completed in a related major, such as liberal arts, design, theater, visual or performing arts, acting, or other artistic major.

Much of your coursework can be completed online if you are a dedicated person. While not a having a teacher present and other students to compare their work to your own is an excellent benefit in the eyes of many students, you must be self-motivated if you are to succeed in an online classroom setting. You can complete your classes based on your own schedule rather than the schools, and you can complete your program with full accreditation without paying as much for your formal education. See what many students are talking about and seek out Dramatic Arts Master’s Programs online.

If you hope to enter fields of teaching and other academic careers, you need at least a master’s degree to qualify. Other careers that may interest you include those found within the entertainment industry, as a talent scout, dance performance, choreographer, film or theatre actor, music performer and composer. Of all the fields you could choose to enter, art directors, on average, make the most per year at about $72,000. Postsecondary music and art teachers can make about $56,000 while occupations with the media and as painters, sculptors and illustrators will earn you $45,000 per year on average.

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