Masters in Education - Special Education Teaching

Masters in Education - Special Education Teaching

If you possess a compassionate and loving personality, you could be the difference in the lives of those who require special education. You must be a positive person, motivational and understanding of others. By earning a Masters in Education – Special Education Teaching degree, you will help fulfill the growing need for special education teachers today. You will be able to advance in your career when you obtain a master’s degree. The general classes you can expect to take are instructional needs for students with disabilities, behavior management, law and special education, structured English immersion, as well as a course on the theories, concepts and issue regarding students with emotional and behavioral disorders. You will also be required to complete a thesis and strongly defend it.

You may have always loved teaching students with special needs because no two students are alike and no two disabilities are exactly identical. With your busy schedule, you may have put your desire to further your education on hold. However, with internet options, you can study from your own home, complete coursework on your own time, and do it all at a lesser expense that attending a traditional brick-and-mortar university. There are many options available from accredited universities situated all over the country.

All 50 states require specific licensure to become special education teachers. While a bachelor’s degree is the lowest requirement in some states, many others require the completion of Special Education Teaching Master’s Programs and at least a year of additional coursework. In 2004, over 440,000 jobs in special education were available. 90% of special education teachers are employed by public school districts. However, many educators also find work in the social services sector, speech pathology, audiology and instructional coordination.

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