Masters in Endocrinology

A student who completes their Masters in Endocrinology can become a medical professional that studies the endocrine system in order to diagnose and treat hormone imbalances and other situations that affect the glands within the endocrine system. You have the option of specializing in specific diseases like diabetes, hyperthyroidism or disorders of the reproductive system. Your studies will include research and clinical training. Overall, you will need more than ten years of study to become an endocrinologist, including four years of medical school followed by a series of internships and residencies. There is no specific undergraduate prerequisite to enter this field, but pursuits in math and science are accepted into this master’s program.

While the internships and residencies must be completed in the actual physical setting, you can complete a great deal of your preliminary studies online. This adds a great level of convenience that is not possible to obtain in a classroom setting. When your living room becomes your classroom, you decide when you want to spend your time completing projects and at what speed you want to complete Endocrinology Master’s Programs.

To succeed in the field of endocrinology, you must be skilled at working under pressure and possess a compassion for suffering patients. Since most endocrine diseases are chronic, you will be able to provide life-long treatment for your patients. Based on reports made by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the career options for endocrinologists are expected to be very good in the coming years. The hard work you put into your studies, internships and residencies will surely pay off since the median salary of professionals within this career, according to the US BLS, is $185,000. This estimate could be much higher depending on your experience, employer and location of employment.

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