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An epidemiologist is a public health professional that analyzes infectious diseases, why they occur and how they can be contained. If you are seeking a graduate-level education on the topic, you will take courses like biostatistics, epidemiology lab and data analysis, as well as other core public health courses. These core classes include details about how society deals with problems of health as well as the social, economic and political aspects of health issues today. Specific classes in the Masters in Epidemiology curriculum include social behavior in public health, biostatistics and applied epidemiology.

A handful of programs are available to study Epidemiology Master's Programs online. The programs exist as public health degrees with an epidemiology focus. You can complete your online studies in a maximum of three years. While a majority of classes can be taken online, some epidemiology classes must be taken on campus. When you decide to study online, every aspect of a college class that you might expect is available in a digital format. These include lectures, assignments and examinations, all of which are downloadable and completed at your own pace from the comfort of your home. You are a perfect candidate if you have a personal computer, reliable internet connection, and an independent and self-motivated personality.

The career outlook for graduates of epidemiology graduate programs is strong because of the shortage of skilled individuals in this area. Global awareness of bioterrorism and chemical warfare has increased in the past few years, adding to the increase in demand for epidemiologists. As of 2008, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual income of a professional within this field was approximately $61,000. You may also use your master's degree as a stepping stone from your undergraduate degree to earning a Ph.D.

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