Masters in French

Those who love French culture or are interested in perfecting the language may wish to pursue a Masters in French. There are several different modules or focus topics that could be included within this overall framework, including French language, literature, and society. Most French programs at this level will also include a fair amount of background information about French history, so that students understand the various influences that have gone into what makes the French language the way it is today. Coursework usually is a blend of lectures and seminars, with a heavy emphasis on reading French literature and theoretical texts. 

Although many students will choose to complete their degree in France, or spend some time there for a full immersion experience, the prevalence of online degrees is also increasing. Students and professors alike are finding that the convenience and affordability that is offered through pursuing an online degree is the best way to fit in higher education into a busy schedule. Technology has made it possible to include video conferences and other ways of interacting with fellow students. The learning results are the same, with many online universities affording a reliable and well respected academic reputation. 

Graduates of one of these French Master's Programs can expect to find work in quite a wide range of different industries, but many will choose to teach the language themselves. The salary range for a French teacher will vary according to the level that they are teaching at, but according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics this could range from $40,000-$80,000, with the most lucrative teaching positions being at private universities. This course of study can also be a good jumping off point to get into cultural preservation opportunities, which is also a rewarding way to utilize French language skills.