Masters in Graphic Arts

Masters in Graphic Arts

Those who have an interest in the arts and how they may be utilized in a professional or advertising setting may wish to look into a Masters in Graphic Arts Degree program. This combines fine art education, including the history of design, composition, and color theory, with basic advertising and marketing principles. There is a heavy emphasis in this kind of program in computer instruction, as to excel in this field it's now necessary to be up-to-date with the latest technologies. Most design and graphic art is now web-based, so it’s essential for students to be well versed in these technologies.

Because so much of the coursework that goes into Graphic Arts Master's Programs is web-based to begin with, it makes sense that many students would choose an online degree. It's necessary to download the right computer programs, but with tutorials and online support from instructors, students find that they are able to learn new skills and enhance existing ones from a remote location. This is a great relief to those who want to pursue higher education but work full time or have otherwise busy schedules. It's always recommended to research different online programs to find one with the most solid academic reputation in this field, which will depend on the exact focus of the program. 

There are several fields that a graduate of this type of program could expect to go into, including work as a graphic designer, artist, graphic journalist, or computer animator. Those who have a firm handle on the latest computer and internet technology will have a higher chance of finding work upon graduation. The starting salary for someone with a degree in the graphic arts is estimated to be approximately $38,000, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. This increases with experience. 

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