Masters in Kinesiology

If one chooses to study for a Masters in Kinesiology, one will learn about biochemistry, anatomy, biophysics of human movement, and physiology. Students also learn about ways in which to apply kinesiology. These applications include exercise instruction, therapeutic rehabilitation, and motor development. Students take numerous exams that allow them to demonstrate their knowledge of the science and theory of kinesiology. They also demonstrate a hands-on knowledge of the practice. The program normally lasts for two years. At the end of the program, students present a dissertation and a hypothesis, which is tested and defended.

In today’s economy, more and more people are considering pursuing post-graduate studies, but they find it difficult to leave their jobs. Many have families to provide for. This is why online programs are becoming more and more popular. Online Kinesiology Master’s Programs are considered to be as good as conventional on-campus programs by many professionals and academics in the field. It is still a good idea, however, to earn an online masters or PhD degree from a well-established university that offers online courses.

More and more positions are opening up in universities for academics straight out of PhD programs. Much has changed in the world of kinesiology, and fresh young minds with new perspectives are encouraged by academic boards to apply for positions. Many young academics are beginning with two-semester contracts. Many are up for tenure after only a few academic years. The salary enjoyed by many recent PhD’s begins at $120,000. There is also opportunity for hands-on work and more research in a particular field. Numerous summer and winter break courses are offered so that faculty members can earn more money.