Masters in Latin American Studies

One who is studying toward a Master in Latin American Studies can expect to study the economy, society, art, literature, and culture of contemporary Latin America. There will also be an education in the history of Latin America, which will include the pre-modern history, as well as influence and military and governmental trends. Students will be asked to choose a focus on a particular culture, country, or issue. There will be exams that test students’ knowledge and understanding of core concepts. The program normally lasts for two years. By the end, students will have to present a dissertation and will have to defend their thesis, which should be original and relevant to the chosen focus.

Those who want to pursue post-graduate work find themselves in a tough situation. The truth is that it can be very expensive to move for an on-campus program, even when there is funding. This is why more and more people are doing their post-graduate work online. Latin American Studies Master’s Programs are a great way to study the subject of your interest while saving a lot of money. You can find an online program that is just as prestigious as many conventional on-campus programs.

Now is a great time to have an online PhD. Latin America has become a vital subject in many universities, but there are not enough faculty members with the necessary background. With a fresh PhD, a young professor can sign a nine-month contract and make upwards of $120,000. This also leaves time for tenure consideration. There are also summer and winter break courses, as well as high-paying administrative positions to consider. Fresh PhD’s also find that they are funded for the research they want to conduct and the papers they wish to present at conferences.