Masters in Linguistics

One who studies for a Masters in Linguistics will study a number of different areas related to the study of words. These may include the history of words, phonetics, sociolinguistics, and psycholinguistics. Because this field contains so many different areas of study, most students will be asked to choose a specialty. Programs normally last for about two years. At the end of each program, each student will be asked to present a dissertation with thesis that is related to the student’s area of specialty. Most candidates will have to have performed in-depth studies that prove their hypotheses.

A common choice for many people who want to pursue post-graduate work is to enroll in online courses. There is a good reason for this. Online courses allow much in the way of flexibility. Students can do work when they have time and can also keep their jobs and even support their families while earning degrees. There are Linguistics Master’s Programs online that are just as reputable as most on-campus programs. If a student is looking to pursue a masters and PhD in the subject, he or she may want to consider a well-established university that also offers online courses. There are many of these universities that would like to accommodate students who can’t afford two-year on-campus programs.

Now is the time to earn a post-graduate degree in Linguistics. The field is constantly developing, and universities want faculty members who understand this ever-changing field with fresh perspectives. New PhD’s find that they are offered nine-month contracts to start with salaries that are upwards of $120,000. This is a great way to prepare oneself for a tenured position, which offers pay increases, job security, and funding for independent research projects.