Masters in Music

Masters in Music

Most students working to obtain their Masters of Music follow a course geared towards expanding their knowledge surrounding music. Classes covers a wide variety of subjects including music theory, musicology, classroom techniques for teaching music, music education, and a focus on gaining knowledge in various cultural and his store cool applications of music. Most students combine practical classes in applying musical theory along with class work. Some go on to do internships in music education to expand their practical application knowledge. Once the exit school, many go on to become music teachers that high school and college levels, music directors, or music therapists.

Many musical artists dream of having the opportunity to get an advanced music degree yet their busy personal and professional lives prevent them from taking this large commitment. Many assume that they would have to go to classes on campus. Many of them have busy professional and personal lives that make this difficult. That is a prime reason why getting your degree online is a an viable option for so many people. Music Master’s Programs are available online. Those students that graduate with a degree from an online university have the same professional opportunities as the people that get their degrees from traditional colleges.

Many graduates choose to enter the world of teaching at a high school or college level. Others go on to become independent artists working on stage or in the theater. A few go on to become directors or therapists. Due to the variety of options, it is difficult to pinpoint salaries. For those that decide to become a teacher at the high school level, salaries can range anywhere from $25,000 a year upward depending on location. Those that become musical directors can make $20,000 or more per year. Salaries go up in certain locations.


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