Masters in Protection Management

A graduate program in protection management usually has a specific orientation to public safety. The Masters in Protection Management is a blend of security training, emergency management, and in some cases fire protection. The concept of protection management is an expansion on the traditional concept of emergency management, which prior to 9/11 usually meant handling natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, or major fires. There are some degrees in this area that are joined with environmental protection to create a Masters in Environmental Protection & Safety Management, but the meaning of environment in this case is enforcing regulations on toxics in the interest of public safety. Protection management is a graduate level education in management of public emergencies or threats for professionals in a number of careers.

There are degree programs in protection management that have specializations in such areas as fire protection and public security. The cross-disciplinary approach allows for developing overall competence in public safety and at the same time advancing the academic credentials for a specific career. A lieutenant or captain in an urban fire department could complete this degree and upgrade his or her education in fire management and at the same time develop a working knowledge of emergency management for other types of public endangerment or disorder. There is an educational component to the degree too, with classes in public safety and health promotion a standard feature of the protection management degree.

Some of the focus of this degree will also be on regulatory issues associated with public protection, such as the laws on toxin control, chemical management and toxic pollution management. Emergency management courses focus on natural disasters and also on the sorts of disruption that can occur with an attack on public works projects such as water distribution systems or power grids. Today's emergency management professionals are trained in handling the aftermath of potential terrorist action. In some cases this degree is part of a public administration academic program. There are online and on campus versions of the Masters in Protection Management, a program in which the majority of students are usually mid-career professionals who need the flexibility of distance learning or evening classes.