Masters in Systems Engineering Schools

Masters in Systems Engineering Schools

Masters in Systems Engineering Schools

You'll find on this website a list of the systems engineering programs in the country, a sampling of the online masters in systems engineering schools available, and in this article a list of the schools that make this graduate degree an option to be completed in an efficient and cost-effective manner. All of our schools in this list are accredited; some offer both on campus and online options for this degree or a variation of it. Systems engineering can be an industrial job in a nuclear plant or a refinery; it can also be a complex computer-driven system alignment for a defense contractor or an IT hardware manufacturer. Because of the change we are going through from an industrial society to a communications-driven economy the role of systems engineer can come from either sector or have a foot in both worlds.

1. Colorado Technical University offers the Master of Science in Systems Engineering online and at the University's Denver and Colorado Springs campuses. The program incorporates requirements traceability, detailed documentation, modern design synthesis techniques and validation or testing methods which prove that a design meets specifications. Quality assurance is also built into the curriculum as is project management training for the purpose of budget and schedule management.

2. Nova Southeastern University has a large campus in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and offers a number of graduate programs online as well. The degrees made available by the Graduate School of Information and Computer Sciences are the Master of Science in Management Information Systems (MIS) and the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems. One of the concentrations available with the MIS degree is Information Security, which is a major systems engineering role being played out by hundreds of professionals working with thousands of businesses.

3. Grantham University has an extensive school of business that also incorporates some of the information technology careers most closely associated with business today, one of which is systems engineering. The degree offered through Grantham, available online, is the Master of Science in Information Management with specialization in Project Management. This is a degree closely aligned with the training given to systems engineering graduate students who have chosen to specialize in the IT sector. The curriculum for this degree includes Organizational Behavior, a critical course for anyone who graduates into a career that requires supervision of other engineers. There is also a course in Management during an Age of IT Change, critical to any systems engineer who is coping with multiple computer languages and platforms.

4. University of Liverpool has several online IT degrees available that have students enrolled from multiple nations. Among the graduate options is the Master's in Information Systems & Technology. This degree focuses on information systems and the software that is utilized in data management today, particularly for Internet applications. Entry requirements include a bachelor's degree granted by a UK institution or a comparable bachelor's degree from another nation, or significant work experience in any discipline that is deemed equivalent to a bachelor's degree in an appropriate discipline.

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